Up Coming Events

We’re working hard on building an events calendar on our website. In the mean time, if you wish to sign up to one of our events or find out whats coming – please contact us using the details below.

To register for our webinars or to join our mailing list for events please use the Contact form below or email us at events@cavernoma.org.uk


  • Thursday 8th 
    Caverfamilies Support Group – 8pm
  • Thursday 15th
    Coffee and a Chat 11am
  • Thursday  22nd
    David White – Drugs to Control Cavernoma Bleeds – 11am
  • Thursday 29th
    Caverbuddy Information Talk – 11am


  • Thursday 12th 
    Caverfamilies Support Group – 8pm
  • Tuesday 17th 
    Caverhub – ‘Everything you wanted to know about Cavernoma, but were too afraid to ask‘ with Mr D Bulters, Consultant Neurosurgeon. – 7pm
  • Thursday 19th
    Coffee and a Chat – 11am
  • Thursday 26th
    David White – How Cavernoma Grow – 11am


  • Thursday 10th 
    Coffee and a Chat – 11am
    Caverfamilies Support Group – 8pm
  • Saturday 12th 
    Caverfamilies Christmas Quiz 7pm
  • Thursday 17th 
    David White – Predicting Cavernoma Bleeds – 11am
  • Friday 18th 
    CAUK Christmas Quiz (TBA)

Therapy Courses

To register for any of our therapy courses, please email therapy@cavernoma.org.uk. Please see our therapy page for more information.

Spinal Cavernoma Support Group

  • 6 week Course
  • Starts Friday 25th September at 10am

Coping with Anxiety Support Group

  • 3 week course
  • Starts Monday 28th September at 15:30

Get in touch with us

available Mon- Fri from 10:00 – 16:00